Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is a holiday that I usually spend with family. This year will be no different. This year, dinner is at Nana's house at 4:00pm which leaves the entire day for what every kid loves... Easter Egg Hunting. But this year, the Easter Eggs I'll be looking for are copper in color, have a slight hue of blue on their tail, and a spot or two above the blue.

Yes, You're right....redfish.

The venue will be Fort Desoto, early in the morning. And this time, I'll have photos since my photographer friend will be going along.

According to Free Tide Tables there will be an all day incoming tide, which is good. We'll be launching kayaks around 8:30 and will be able to access the entire park. I'm furiously looking at the maps to figure out the best spots to hit.

Will they be in the oyster bars?

Will they be in the grass?

Will they be deep or shallow?

I'm loaded up on crab flies, Bang Bang Shrimp flies and Clousers of various color schemes.

Last year, there was no fishing. Maybe I can make up for it this year....

Happy Easter!


  1. ATTA BOY ROB.....good luck buddy...can you post the flies you will be flingin???

  2. Sounds like the golden Easter Egg hunt. You've given me a fabulous idea for my Easter. Now, if I can only convince the family that hunting rainbow eggs on the river is appropriate for the holiday!

  3. Sure thing Ken!

    Rebecca, Something wrong with doing both the family thing and the fishing thing?

  4. man...I'm telling ya...

    'snot fair.

    enjoyed the post!