Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fort Desoto 4/3/10

Brother Steve and I loaded up early yesterday and headed out to Fort Desoto to do some kayaking and fishing. He rented a Ocean Prowler 13 and we headed out. He'd never been kayaking before but, picked it up quickly. It was a beautiful day for it. I had to cover my legs with a towel due to last weeks sunburn. My blistered skin didn't care for being exposed to the sun, even though I had sunscreen on.

The water was a bit dirty so I started out drifting a grass flat with shrimp on an idiot rig. Nothing. We paddled out to the bomb hole, ever watchful for fishy activity. Mullet were quite active on the flat east of the road, but still no takes on the shrimp. I kept seeing tailing action and after chasing it down, it would turn out to be mullet. I think the redfish somehow pay the mullet to imitate them and misdirect unwary fishermen.

Along the eastern side of the park,there's a mangrove shoreline with oyster bars along with a steep drop off. I could see a few nice redfish cruising along. I cast a Bang Bang Shrimp pattern about 5 feet in front of them and they bolted as soon as the fly softly landed on the water. Spooky, spooky to say the least. This happened several times and couldn't even get them interested in real shrimp.


We headed back to load up the boat and head home.

At least I was able to locate some fish in the giant expanse of Fort Desoto Park.


  1. I'm afraid if I tried fly fishing out of a kayak, and stood up like that picture, I'd find myself sputtering water and saying a few cuss words.
    I don't know, based on the pictures I can just picture the words "Outdooress" displayed down the side.......
    Happy Easter to you~

  2. Rebecca,

    It's really designed for that, although I could see not trying it in choppy seas. It'd be nice if you had something to hold on to.

  3. I'm going to try standing on my yak, but I'm waiting for warm water just in case.

    Your picture gives me hope. Did you swing your rod while standing?

  4. crap.

    I commented on the wrong post...downside of a slooooow home computer.

    at any rate, I meant to comment on this one:

    I'm telling ya...'snot fair.

  5. Clif,

    Didn't try using a rod. That was my first time standing up in it. It's stable enough me thinks, but it would be nice to have something to hold on to. How wide is your boat?


    I'm tellin' ya!

  6. Looks like you might have to consider "The Green Mamba" as a name for her.Nice rig.