Monday, April 12, 2010

Required Reading

Some of you know that I can be a voracious reader at times. Instead of getting all of my reading from online sources, I like to sit with god old fashioned know. Paper with words printed on them? I often read several books at the same time. Most of varying WWII history, Clan Of The Cave Bear series, and fly fishing....don't call me weird, I'm 40 so I prefer the term eccentric.

These are a few that I'm reading at the moment:

Fisherman's Coast By Aaron Adams - A book about warm water fish habitat, science behind why, where and when for fly fishing....a book I keep returning to. A great reference for saltwater fly fishing.

The Fly Caster Who Tried To make Peace With The World By Randy Kadish - A deep and therapeutic book about the history of long distance fly casting. I'm not done with it yet but I REALLY like it so far.

Fly Fisherman's Guide To Saltwater Prey By Aaron Adams - Yes! Another book by "The Ninja". Nothing quite like a marine biologist who fly fishes and writes about it. This is a book that I go back to often. Shows what saltwater game fish eat and lots of fly patterns to imitate them.

So if you haven't done so, check them out!


  1. That Saltwater Prey book is just awesome. Aaron has some deep knowledge.

  2. I love books myself. I find it hard to read anything lenghty on-line...may be the lighting and my middle age eyes.

    I'm reading two books at the moment, one has two book marks because I'm reading it to my kids as well, and they are a bit behind me.