Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inane Randomness

As usual,when I find entertaining and thought provoking bits around the blogosphere, I like to share them.
A humorous post over at Lunker Hunt about How Do You Know If You Caught A Fish is very humorous and entertaining. How many of you make up rules like that? Do you count "Drive by's" and "Leans"? ( A Lean is when you cast to a sighted fish, and it swims toward your offering only to turn away before taking the bait. A Drive By is when you cast to a sighted fish and it just swims right by your offering - essentially, a Lean without the "leaning" action). In my neck of the woods, If you get the leader to the tip and the fish comes off, we call that a "quick release".....

I'm on vacation next week. Was supposed to be in the Keys but, unforeseen circumstances have intervened making it impossible for me to make it to Long Key. I'm pretty bummed because that is one of my favorite places in the world to camp and fish.....

....so, I've been looking at some maps of my area and some of the "spoil islands" in and around the inter coastal waterway. I'm going to reconnoiter several of them and I might camp out there for a night if it's suitable. I'll make it "My Private Island" as it were. Solitude, fishing, swimming and being out in this beautiful weather is anticipated indeed.

I've been into Mexican style beer lately. If It's Corona or Landshark, I like it...which is weird. I generally go for wheat ales or brews that you can use for hair gel. Must be the weather or time of year. My brother gave me a Bud Light Lime the other day. Tasted like watered down Kool Aid.....

Randy Kadish sent me a copy of his book "The FlyCaster Who Tried To Make Peace With The World" to read and review....looks interesting so far.


  1. I'm sure everyone has rules, can't wait to see what people say. Thanks for the link!

  2. hey any suggestions for fisghing at Long Key? I have about a hundred flies I tied during the last couple of months in every color you could think of. I'll be getting there Monday, will let you know how we did. Have tide tables printed, any favorite tide at this place?

  3. Juan,

    Look for the incoming. As soon as it starts moving, get out there. Last time, wind was a major pain and ruined the chances of sight casting, but get out there and blind cast anyway. At low tide, you can look for what they might be eating by checking out the marl. I'd think any crazy charlies or Sweet Earnies would work.

    I'm jealous that I can't be there too. Probably my favorite place on earth...

    Good Luck!

  4. Rob that island sound like a must check out...I hear ya on having to change plans...we rebooted ourselves this Spring Break. But it's winding up to be a great one.

    Funny I've been into the mexican beer myself lately as well...that and making tacos for dinner out of a multitude of things.

    Have fun on vaca...sometimes dropping back to punt can give you better field position once your offense is back in gear ;)