Monday, March 1, 2010

The Difference Between Coffee and Colored Water

Lacy and I went camping with The Eversoles over the weekend. The weather was cold (36 degrees IS cold for Florida)and rainy. Poor Lacy was even shivering, so I snuggled her into my sleeping bag to warm her up. She slept ALL day after we got home.

The Eversoles have been my camping buds over the last few years. They were there for me big time after "the incident". April would be the perfect sit-com wife as she's very sassy and outspoken. Her husband, Kevin is very quiet and reserved, but isn't short of coming up with a zinger. We always have fun, humorous, spirited debates about everything from the huge camping kitchen and all of the gear that they bring, to the "inverted canoe incident" or "leaving in the middle of the night" that we won't mention right now.

This time, one of the subjects of debate was coffee or, for lack of a better term, colored water, which is what I call coffee that you can't taste....

Now, you have to understand that in order to not be at the mercy of other people's coffee when I do go with other people, I take along my backpacking stove, boiling container and French Press. For some reason, I go to bed early and get up early. I usually get up when it's still dark, brush my teeth, and start the coffee. To me, Folgers, Maxwell House and Chock Full O Nuts isn't real coffee. An "average" coffee would be 8 O'clock Bean Coffee and a top notch would be organic free trade dark roast that you'd get at a health food store. I guess my exposure to real coffee overseas means that I prefer espresso....also, powdered creamer doesn't count. I like to go with either soy milk or at least regular whole milk.

Back to this weekend.....

After making a light French Press full of coffee since there were other people having some, I used 4 scoops for a 32 oz pot full. April was the only one making a face about "Blah....this is like tar...this is like espresso". The boys thought it was fine. I thought it was fine. It was mentioned that, although Kevin doesn't drink the stuff, he does make it. I asked him how much he puts in and how much he makes for her. He said one scoop for 4-6 cups. WHAT? No wonder she doesn't like real coffee. I won't rag on her too hard because out of the Paula Dean cooking camping kitchen ya'all, came some really scrumptious marinated steaks replete with goat cheese, mushrooms and onions....I'm sure there was butter in there somewhere....YUM!


  1. I put so much "stuff" in my coffee that my father insists I do not actually like coffee. Get a headache without it though.

  2. I like the way you put that: being at the mercy of other peoples' coffee. So true! Enjoyable read, as always.

  3. Hahhahaha Bjorn, can't put too much stuff in it.

    Thank you Angie. You know i love simplicity, but some things just have to be done proper.

  4. Your coffee is a little strong for me, but I have made mine stronger since I tasted yours....