Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gas & Tan Station Myth Laid To Rest

After years of hearing stories about and looking for the always elusive Gas & Tan convenience store, I have actually tracked one down....in Alabama no less. Where else can you get gas, pick up a lottery ticket and a six pack, and get 30 minutes in the tanning bed? Talk about one stop shopping...

In my local area, we have Dodge's Chicken Store, which is a gas station that has awesome food like pizza on a stick, JoJo's (which are some sort of fried potato) chicken and biscuits and fried gizzards (which are pretty damn good). When you pull up to get gas, the cashier cheerfully announces "Welcome to Dodge's Chicken Store...You're ready for a fill!"

One can only imagine what they might announce when you pull up to the Gas & Tan...do they have specials like "Buy $20 in gas and a car wash and receive a free 30 minutes in the tanning bed"?

I need to know......

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