Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anniversary Time & Mo Better Things

As my one year anniversary as a blogger approaches (March, 25th), I reflect back over the last year to the highlights, the low lights, and things that have meant a lot to me. I feel as if I've not only grown as a writer, but as a fisherman, backpacker, fly tyer, and photographer, but "grown" the blog from nothing to a fairly respective readership within the fly fishing community has helped me obtain sponsors and noteworthy guests. Networking and meeting other passionate fly fishers, writers and outdoorsey types has been a profound reason for this growth, and I can only hope to improve upon what I've already learned. I thank those who have helped in this respect. Also, please forgive me for deleting a lot of posts. For reasons that I'm sure you'd understand, they had to go. It's strange how you lose just about everything and everyone that you have in your life, yet life smiles on you that reason to live...that burning passion. Hacking yourself to bloody pieces and surviving gives you a certain perspective that most folks wouldn't understand....let alone, be able to recover from. Ghosts of past failures only shape what we are to become. Where we expected to be and what fates black-toothed grin gives us can be two entirely different things.

Seems like I fished A LOT more last year....of course, living 5 minutes away from a dozen fishing spots helps. But looking back, I was fishing at least 3 days a week. Then "The Incident" happened right in the middle of summer. By the time I had recovered enough mentally to get back to fishing, I had moved on to unfamiliar fishing waters....then the cold wisps of winter gripped Florida in an icy grip. The few times on the water in the last 7 months have meant a lot to me, but I crave more....Spring is coming, and so are hungry fish.

The blog will be getting a makeover. With a new logo and merchandise (c'mon...who doesn't want A Bad Backcast hat or shirt) and a possible shift of hosting, I'll be able to do mo better things.

Another thing I'm in the process of is finding a kayak. I've come to the realization that as a wading angler only, I limit not only fishing opportunities, but photo and writing opportunities as well. The kayak will give me a chance to get to some spots that I couldn't get to before. I can't tell you how many times Mama and I looked across the channel or area and said "Too bad we can't get over there." Having the ability to cover more water will be great...and more exciting for you too because it'll give the film crew something else to shoot besides the fat, bald guy wading around, dodging sting rays and sharks, getting skunked....

There....I said it. Film crew. Yes. Yours truly will be followed around and videoed, the subject of a new video series coming to DVD or TV or Youtube near you....why would anyone want to film the fat bald guy? Dunno. Has something to do with a unique style, not looking or acting like any of the other fly fishing folks wearing the same clothes or listening to the same music.....

So stay tuned - Mo Better things are coming.


  1. Congrats and I look forward to seeing what is in store for Year 2.

  2. hey Rob, are you still on for Long Key in April? I am coming down Sunday from Memphis and my son-in-law is coming down Wednesday from Asheville. Hope top see you there, we are in campsite #3.

  3. Very cool Rob...looking forward to watching your continued growth bud (thumbs up).