Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring and the weather cooperated likewise. Not a cloud in the sky and with the air temperature around 70 degrees F, it was a beautiful day to be outside. Lacy and I went to Bellaire Causeway. The big tide was about halfway in when we arrived. Water temperature was chilly, but not so cold that you couldn't get in. I was using a few light colored deceivers but switched to a weighted double bunny as the swift current wouldn't let the fly get down.

For some reason, I felt like I was fighting the rod....or the rod was fighting me. The line just felt SOOO heavy, like it was made of lead. Every forward cast and backcast just seemed to take a maximum of effort to get the line to go anywhere. Could only get it out to the running line before I would start losing control over it. Wind wasn't a factor...and I was only standing in knee deep water. My arm was getting really tired after about an hour, so I switched it up to the spinning rig and shrimp....this only succeeded in feeding the pinfish.

For some reason unknown to me, I didn't take one photo on such a pretty day.

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  1. That's kinda how my rake felt this weekend when working in the yard...can't wait to hit the water...soon.