Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adventures In Kayak Shopping

I've been kayak shopping the last few weeks. Like fly fishing, there is a lot of research to do. I've spoken to many folks who fish from kayaks and got their opinions on size, type, prices ect....All I'm looking for is a sit on top style fishing kayak with plenty of storage that I can get to while on the water, a stable boat to be able to stand up in, yet not so wide that I have to wear myself out just paddling across the flat and something light enough that I can haul around myself....all without getting soaked, as it were, on price.

Being the geek that I am, I've narrowed it down to two boats to have the dishonor of bearing the Bad Backcast name, it just depends on the deal that I can score.

Both are Malibu Kayaks - and I like both...here is the rundown -

The Malibu Stealth 12 is my favorite so far. It offers the storage/livewell compartment right in front of the seat as well as 2 smaller storage areas that make up the casting deck. That's right....casting deck. I can stand up in it. It also has a lot of storage space in the front under the "gator hatch". No trying to cram your camping gear into an 8 inch hatch. Here are the specs:

Length: 12'4"
Weight: 60 lbs
(at beam) 33”
Max. load: 450 lbs.

YES! I'll take one in lime green please. We'll add on a few fly rod holders and be good to go.

The other boat is a Malibu X-Factor which has a lot of the same properties of the Stealth, but at 14.7 feet it seems a bit long for me. I still have to keep in mind that I'll have to store the thing at my apartment....and space is at a premium there as it is.

Now I just need to come up with a name for it - TURD seems appropriate.


  1. Nice. The first one seems more practical but the second one has better advertising imagery.

  2. I find the paddle all to distracting in this image.

  3. I have a Perception 11.5 ft kayak and it is wide and easy to paddle. I just added a couple of Scottie rod holders and can't wait for weather to wearm up to go do some bass fishing in local lakes. See you in April at long Key.

  4. Yes...this one is very stable....