Monday, March 29, 2010

It's All In The Name

I've recently been thinking about naming the kayak. Ancient nautical lore dictates that an unnamed water craft, whether powered by oar, sail or motor is unlucky if not named and we all know I don't need any part of that. I've also heard that you're supposed to give a boat a girls name, but I think we're going to steer clear of that. They name hurricanes after women.... this is where you, the reader, comes in.

I'm looking for a name fitting for this boat....something humorous, something short. There's not a lot of stern to adorn with a name.

Here are the factors to consider -

It's lime green

I'm a fat bald guy

I dig the outdoors and fly fishing/fly tying

I don't wear your typical Orvis gear/pastel sun shirt and pleated Dockers. I'm more of a skull with flames shooting out the eye sockets long sleeve or Miami Ink shirt.

So here's the deal....either leave a comment or follow me on Twitter and tweet this "I'm going to name @ABadbackcast 's kayak __________" We'll vote on the winner weekdays on Twitter. Final day of voting with be 4/9/2010

One winner will get a nice Bill Jackson's fly box full of hand tied by yours truly flies and some other miscellaneous swag....


  1. I'm going to go with "Jesus Lizard" or "Bad Backpaddle"

  2. Imagine the jealousy glances when you pull up in "The Hoopty"

  3. Lime geeen and you catch fish in it, it can only be named one thing Slimer.

  4. "Bad Rebecca"
    Works on so many levels =)