Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up 5/2

Loaded up the kayak on Saturday morning to hit the incoming tide at Sand Key... but the weather had different ideas. When I arrived at Sand Key, the wind was at a gale (Looks like the forecast was right... 25-30 out of the SE and humid.)and kicking up the waves in the inter coastal. Had to go to Plan B, which was Belleair Causeway. Only a few folks were there as the heat kept everyone at home. As long as I stayed on the north side of the causeway, I was semi- protected from the wind. I tried to venture over to the other side, but there were rollers coming over the sandbar. Everything was ok if I didn't venture past the 100 yard mark or so. Water quality was very murky.
Used several crab patterns and a shrimp pattern with a rattle dice. Switched to spinning gear soft plastics. Nothing. Skunked.

The heat and humidity came in making the AC a necessity at home. My Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad will come in handy this summer. Will post a review soon....also used the Carlisle Day Tripper paddle which is a good piece of gear to review as well.....

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