Saturday, May 8, 2010

Book Review - The Flycaster Who Tried To Make Peace WithThe World

This is an interesting and therapeutic book showing how fly casting, fly fishing and long distance fly casting can assist in healing a person who has gone through traumatic events. This book also explores some of the history of long distance fly casting in the 1900's in a fictional sense. Randy Kadish has masterfully described locations that "take you there", and you can almost smell the surroundings. It's a delightful journey into a society that once was.

I am not big on novels and I couldn't see how someone could write a readable one about fly casting. However, once inside the book what I found was an engaging tale of a young man coming of age.... All the while dealing with his own tragedies and successes.

Overall, This book speaks to me and feels all too familiar after dealing with my own personal demons and using the outdoors as a life buoy. It has also inspired me to write a semi-fictional piece.

The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace With The World is available from It is published by Saw Mill River Press, 255 pages, ISBN 1-879628-26-0. It is also available via


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  2. Randy's a good dude and an excellent distance caster in his own right. Went fishing with him a couple of times in Central Park when I used to work in New York City.