Friday, May 28, 2010

Gordons Stiff Worm

In honor of the Atlantic Palolo Worm Hatch going on in the Keys over Memorial Day weekend and I'm not there to be a part of it, I'll post this fly pattern I found on Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine

HOOK: Gamakatsu SL12 1/0 (silver) or Owner Aki 1/0 (black)
THREAD: White, flat waxed
BODY: White fish hair
COLOR: "Clay Rose" #137 Prismacolor marker
FINISH: Silicone (Goop) and two-part epoxy

Step 1: Cover hook shank with thread base, and snell leader onto hook with approximately 8 to 12 wraps (depending on line diameter). This is more wraps than necessary for knot integrity, but a huge snell knot imitates well a worm's upper head. The rings of the knot are almost identical to the worm's bumps, with the same light, translucent look. Furthermore, the knotless appearance of snelling also helps tremendously with picky fish. I try to use silver hooks on light bottom situations and a black Owner hook over grass.

Step 2: Layer on white fish hair. I don't think brand is important, but different types absorb the color from the marker differently. Layering the fish hair rather than clumping it all on at once simply adds to the fly's durability.

Step 3: Color the upper layers only, as the worms have light bellies.

Step 4: Silicone the material into a straight form and allow to dry (at least one hour).

Step 5: Epoxy over the hardened silicone body, including a light coat over the back of the knot. I have tried using only silicone, and I have tried using only epoxy. Silicone alone gets mushy, and epoxy alone is too heavy and hard to work with, and it distorts the color. The combination has served me well and adds to the translucent look.

I wish I could be there for this, but you can just bet that you could cross 7 Mile Channel stepping boat to boat and never get your feet wet....

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