Monday, May 10, 2010

Up A Creek - The Trade Off

Finally....FINALLY the wind laid down to a manageable 3-5 MPH. It was a beautiful day for kayak fishing Saturday, with an incoming tide and partly cloudy skies, it looked like a day to be remembered.

But, as often happens, a great day on the water can cost I soon found out. Is this trade off worth it? You decide.

When I came across Sand Key Bridge, I could see that my friend Keith was already there, with his kayak sail cruising him along. You have to understand that Keith likes to put a lot of stuff on his boat....Outriggers, a leaning platform, mast for the sail, crate, among other stuff. A lot of the gear he made himself, which I think is admirable, I just prefer to go basic with my rig, The "Bad Rebecca" - sort of like it's namesake.

He paddled in to meet me and I asked him if he had caught any fish yet. "Nope, nothing yet."

He was using shrimp. We paddled out to "the spot"...the flat between two drop offs. I started with the Brown Lures Black Cat Devil Eye to see of I could locate fish. Sure enough, first few casts I was getting hits and had the first fish within minutes. A 12 inch seatrout. Isn't this how it's supposed to be? Just like the fishing shows?

I switched up to the fly rod with an olive and green half and half. No dice. Changed up to a chartreuse and white Clouser. Nothing. I put the fly rod down and went back to the Devil Eye. Fish on. Another 12 inch trout. Furious action that you dream about. Cast, count one - one thousand, two - one thousand, pull the rod tip up 12 inches and there was a fish on. Repeat. Keith still didn't have any luck, so I gave him my last Black Cat. Of course, a few fish later, my lure got torn, so I changed to a Devil Eye in Amber. Nothing. Keith got a few fish with the Black Cat. I tossed a DOA Shrimp in chartreuse. Nothing.

Never in my life have I seen fish so dialed in on one color scheme. I put on a Brown Lures Flappin' Devil in Glow color. Got a few fish on it, the biggest being a 15 inch seatrout. It was crazy. Fish were still hitting when we paddled in three hours later. I totaled 15 trout and Keith totaled 3 (one being a lizard fish.)

Here's where the trade off happened - When I arrived home and was unloading my gear, I couldn't find my paddle (the one from a few posts back.) I went back out to where we were located and couldn't find it. I guess I was too busy jabbering with Keith and got distracted. I almost NEVER drive off without my gear.

Looks like I'm up a creek.....

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  1. Keith looks set for fishing apocalypse or something - what doesn't he have on that 'yak?