Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time for Trout

I know, I know....You're thinking that I've gone over to the trout streams and 4-5 weight gear...right?


Due to the fact that there still isn't a brown trout to be found in Florida, I have to stick with the trout that I know....Spotted Sea Trout.

Fall is here which means the bite will pick up for savvy anglers targeting these pretty members of the drum family.

The largest one I've caught was 42 inches long and quite a monster. It ate a beat up, hammered and shredded shrimp (the pinfish had got to it so the only thing remaining was a shell and a head)that I used because the bait was gone and we had just found a ten feet deep hole in the middle of a field of 12 inch deep oyster beds....between Christmas and New Years.

Fly selection should include shrimp imitations, finger mullet and the always popular white grunt patterns fished near grass beds, oyster bars and, at night, around dock lights.

Hoping to get after some trout this weekend.

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  1. It is good to see Trout in your world, even if they are a monster huge!