Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Dog Lacy Part II

It seems that my dog Lacy's post is getting as much run as the Fly Fish Chick interview. Tons of e-mails and questions from her new fans keep coming in so I'm going to answer them for you.

Lacy is an American Foxhound

Her favorite thing to eat besides her dog food is rotisserie chicken.

She knows to stay out of the kitchen, but will get food off the counter if no one is looking.

She is a great hunter of rabbits, and will chase them until she's ready to drop.

She talks to me. We have conversations about dog food and cookies and which dog park she likes and why.

She snores.

I have to wake her up and get her going in the morning.

She has never, ever woke me up when sleeping in.

She likes to swim but won't go in the pool.

She has never torn up anything in the house - except once - when she redecorated the house with the contents of the trash can.

Her boyfriend is Bailey, Julie's Golden Retriever.

She looks like a Beagle, but weighs in at 65 lbs where a Beagle tops out at 30 lbs.

I hope this answers your questions.....

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