Friday, November 13, 2009

Mo' Better Things

I'm just overflowing with ideas for the blog as of late. Got a new writing gig that will be launched soon and have been meeting a lot of new folks who are excited about the outdoors and writing as well. Am also loving Twitter. There are a gaggle people from different walks of life who are very interesting tweeting and some of them actually pay attention to my tweets.

I know I promised big things this week, but I had an interview scheduled that I haven't got back yet among other things. I'll let you know about the new writing gig as soon as I get the go ahead.


  1. Just like a writer, tease, but...holding out for a sequel....Ok, I'll be back to read the full details. I enjoy twitter as well, although I'm a bit of a butterfly on it. On off, on off, sort of commitment. However, I do enjoy our conversations there!

  2. So where's your "follow me" twitter button on your blog then?

  3. I haven't got one for the blog but there's a Twitter section on the right side.