Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fall Fly Pattern

This is a basic Double Bunny pattern. It can be used to imitate one of the most prevalent baitfish in salt water everywhere. The alien looking Toadfish Game fish love toadfish and this pattern is easy to tie. Bead chain eyes are an option to help get the fly down to the bottom. Toadfish like to hang around oyster bars and backwater estuaries and are a perfect bait for fall and winter gamefish. A slow darting presentation is essential to imitate a toadfish since they don't travel very far or fast to avoid predators.

It can also imitate a smallish shrimp or mullet.

I tie them size 1 to size 2/0.


  1. Good Gawd, that is fluffy and BIG~
    If I keep coming here, I'm going to want to fling a big ass fly one of these days, just to test out my casting abilities~

  2. Yes, but it slims down a bit in the water and actually suspends. Chucking big flies won't hurt you, and after seeing your sturgeon photos, I'm sure you could handle a 30 inch redfish no problem. You don't seem to be a "risk" LOL!