Thursday, January 28, 2010

Women in Fly Fishing

As I cruise the Internet highway, I often come across interesting blogs, written by women who love the outdoors, good beer, and enjoy writing. Fly fishers, backpackers, hunters, and photographers.

This really isn't a new trend. Joan Wulff has been doing this for years and she can probably outcast anyone I know. Why is it that fly fishing dudes always make such a big deal out of women tossing flies? Why do guys want to show a woman how to tie a nail knot when they can probably do it better than you? This doesn't include the myriad of women who just do this because they "married into it".
Some guys might be intimidated by this, but to me, they've become a prototype of what I look for in a woman....I mean lets face it, how awesome would it be to have my significant other be as into the outdoors as me, without having to coax, teach and otherwise "train" about the great outdoors? Trust me, I've gone camping with women who's makeup case is as big as their gear bag and are afraid of the dirt and everything else.

I'll introduce you to a few of my favorite fishing women who I would LOVE to go fishing with.

April Vokey always seems to find a way into This Is Fly every month. She's a good writer and can probably guide northern streams and rivers better than anyone I know....and isn't hard to look at either. If you've been into fly fishing for a while, I'm sure you know of April.

Rebecca Garlock who writes The Outdooress is a fly fishing addict and a GREAT writer. I get a kick out of reading her, although I wish she would try her hand at fly fishing in the brine just once. Something tells me she wouldn't bother with those weenie trout up there in Idaho any longer after she sees a hog of a snook try to pull her under a dock. This is a chick who has caught huge sturgeon, so I have no doubt that she could handle any saltwater fish. She'd also be "safe" to take camping or backpacking....

The Fly Fish Chick is another fly fishing addict/writer. If it's good beer, good fish and wacky tunes that you like, The Fly Fish Chick is your girl. She's also training for the 2010 Texas Water Safari for Team Paddlefish Post before and after photos so we can see how your hard work is paying off.

Lizzy, AKA The Fisher Babe isn't included in the ranks of fly fishers yet, but she's working on it. Sequestered in the fishing mecca otherwise known as Nebraska, Lizzy LOVES fishing in Canada and looks great doing it. She promises to learn how to fly fish this year....

So there you have it! A sampling of women who fly fish. If there are other women out there who fly fish and write about it, let me hear from you!


  1. Rob,
    Great list of women in the the outdoor world. As you mentioned there are been women around for years who enjoy the outdoors (such as my 103 year old great grandmother from whom I gleaned all of my outdoor knowledge) and its great to see many of them active and willing to share their experiences with others; men and women alike.

  2. Kara,

    Thanks for the comment and props to your grandmother for teaching you everything she knows.

  3. Awwwww YOU are so awesome for including me in this list and among such AWESOME outdoor women!!! Thanks for the honor!!!

    LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

  4. Look at me catching up and discovering such nice words. Thank you! The way I see it, only a matter of time and we'll be standing in the same water. I'm coming to Florida in a couple of weeks.....maybe??
    Thanks again for putting me on a list with such great other ladies.