Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Various Musings 1/6/2010

I was reading an interesting post at Fishing Jones yesterday about the children's book, "Goodnight Moon", which my mom tells me was my favorite book when I was a toddler. I searched online for the text for the text (you know, "goodnight comb. Goodnight brush. Goodnight bowl of yesterdays mush" or however it goes). Amidst my Google searching, I ran into an interesting Op-Ed from the New York Times from a few years ago when the publishers decided that the photo of the illustrator needed to be altered because he was smoking in the photo, and then humorously went down the super liberal road of nit picking every other thing in the book that needed to be changed, lest our children be subjected to dangerous living conditions....and Pete, Why IS that rabbit in the illustration fly fishing for another rabbit with a carrot...and why is he holding a net in mid cast?

Also, on a totally unrelated topic, over at Fiberglass Manifesto Cameron is having an "Old School" contest where you can win a super sweet William Joseph chest pack/day pack. I for one LOVE William Joseph gear as evidenced by my horribly written review right here on this blog.

Am also putting together a list of my favorite beers from 2009....It should prove interesting to try and remember them all.


  1. good post Rob, though I was always a Shell Silverstien!

  2. I'll have to get over and read the article at Fishing Jones, although, I can't imagine changing a book that has had the staying power like Goodnight Moon!