Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Favorite Beers of 2009

Key West Southermost Wheat Ale - Very Nice

Great Lakes Barrel-Aged Blackout Stout - Like a Guinness (yum), but different.

Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse Natürtrub - Very Nice!

Hurricane Reef Raspberry Wheat Ale - Tied with Dunedin - Reminds me of the Keys....

Dunedin Brewery Raspberry Wheat Ale - Tied with Hurricane Reef - Winner 5 years in a row!

Also had some crappy beers that tasted like malt liquor that were stashed in the beer isle masquerading as a reel beer.

Also, if you're ever in the Clearwater area, World Of Beer on Gulf to Bay is an awesome place to find any off the wall suds you might be looking for. I need to visit as I can't seem to locate any Hurricane Reef....

*Please note, I don't drink very often and when I do, it's usually just one or two...


  1. nice post there Rob, Not sure if you can get it but Gritty's makes a great stout and another called Black fly and is as thick as molasses. I love dark beer, my sister took me to the Ybor city brewery had some iron Rat stout...awesome I am sure you know that already cheers!

  2. Never heard of either of those - the Ybor City Brews are nice! I love dark beer too but really really appreciate Wheat Ale's as of late. World of Beer probably has that Gritty's....

  3. There it is~
    Ok, I admit, I have not tried several of those so now they are on my radar.......