Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nothing like fishing on New Years Day

Started the New Year out right by taking Julie and Chris out to Double Branch Creek to do some winter time redfish hunting. It was also meant to teach Julie how to use a spinning rig and a DOA shrimp. (no fly casting yet, although her skill at texting while fishing is pretty impressive) There was a nice dock and a few mangrove edges to cast to, as well as a bit of rip rap here and there. With a water temp in the mid fifties, we didn't catch or see anything, but it was a good day to get out cast.

We also scouted a few spots in Safety Harbor with only a few return trips found. That section of the bay is SO shallow and only offers a few spots worth returning to.

Also found that although Lacy prefers sleeping on a couch/bed/chair, she'll stoop to sleeping in a dog bed if she has to....


  1. Great photos and super looking weather. Lacy looks like the pooped pooch after your outing. :-) lb

  2. Weather was nice but still chilly for Florida!