Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas and the New Year

*I made it through the holiday without succumbing to the holiday greed and cash grabbing that most folks normally do. Christmas Eve was spent at my mom's house as is the tradition and Christmas Day was nice at Julie's. There was a budget and dollar limit that everyone needed to adhere to, and you know what? It was great. No one went into debt. Got the wireless Internet hooked up and a few PS3 games and I'm happy.

*I discovered it's best for me to be single. What can I say? Even medicated, depression is still very hard to deal with at times, and it's best that I don't affect anyone else's life with it. It's not as if you can just ask me to not be depressed. I don't choose to feel depressed. I'm in no shape mentally to date's not fair to them because I don't have anything left to give anyone. This should be my New Year's resolution.

* I'm taking part in a winter fly tying swap with the members of Captain Mel's fly fishing forum. I'm tying white and red DT Specials with 1/0 Mustad's.

* I'm determined to fish more this year - who cares if I have to do it alone?


  1. nice post rob....I think everyone cut back this year and that is a nice pike lucky bastard!!!!

  2. I don't think depression means you should go at it alone. It does take being with someone that understands it's not a choice, but rather a state of mind that is what it is and learning how to recognize the signs, rollar coasters and triggers helps, a lot.
    Thinking of you......