Monday, December 7, 2009

Lost And Found and getting it back to normal

The past weekend was moving day....or as they say in the UK, moving house. I always dislike moving day as i tend to like staying in one spot. In the particular instance of this move, all of my things were in a nice compact storage unit, so packing was kept to a minimum. I didn't move any of my stuff last time since I was in the hospital, so I wasn't sure where or what I had or didn't have any longer. Things were in a disarray of unorganization....clothes mixed in with dishes, electronics mixed with Tupperware, DVD's and Playstation games intertwined as if everything was just thrown into boxes willy nilly without any regard for ever having to open them again. I had only been to the storage unit a few times since July for obvious reasons, so I was unaware of the level of mess associated.....ah but enough whining about Halcyon days, that's not what this post is meant to be about.

There are positive things attached to was like a giant time capsule....a Lost and Found of sorts.....a bit like me.

*I found my brand new 12 weight reel that I haven't even strung up with line or backing yet.

*Found the pile of broken gear.

*Found my 2 large fly boxes full of tarpon flies I had tied over the summer (hence the 12 weight).

*Found my spinning gear.

Another positive aspect of moving house is the opportunity to "douche" the system of unnecessary items and thing that weigh me down. I'm now smooth, streamlined, and "minimalist". No more 200 lb TV, no more ten ton furniture.

Everything is finding it's own place in my new digs, even though it's been a tough process....


  1. great post rob you didnt find any old kip winger albums did ya send em over to ken he will sign them for you LOL

    hope your settling in to your new pad ok

  2. LOL!

    Actually, we played with Winger in Wiggan once. A long time ago. Mabs Cross an all that.

    Thanks for the well wishes - i just need one more closet.