Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Fishing

I know that you're "supposed" to stay home on Christmas, spending time with your family. Last year, I went fishing on Christmas. Loaded up the family and was wading at the un-named City of St Petersburg Park at 78th Ave. By noon.

It was considerably warmer last Christmas with the water temperature holding at 70. After receiving a load of new gear for Christmas, I was dying to try out this stuff. I was wading, throwing an EP shrimp when 2 nice redfish swam leisurely right past me, so close I could see the typical "worried" look on their faces....but no takers.

Does anyone think that it's wrong to go fishing on Christmas?


  1. Naw man it's not wrong to fish on christmas. I fish every Thanksgiving while everybody else is having turkey. Here in Colorado Christmas would be the best day of the year to go, less crowded waters and more relaxed fish,

  2. Amen! But Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

    If you really want "biggerfish", take a trip down here and try redfish and snook....

  3. I wish I was back down South again. One of many trips to Clearwater recently came up short with a cold front over Thanksgiving. Dreaming of Salt!