Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday Camping Trip at Hillsborough River

Went camping out at Hillsborough River State Park after Thanksgiving with Julie, Her son Chris and my dog Lacy. It was Lacy's first camping trip at a family campground. I've taken her backpacking with me before but this was a different experience for her. She loved it.

It was chilly (40) and good campfires were needed. We were snug in our new sleeping bags though. Thankfully, they zip together.

Got out the longstick and was chasing small bass with a purple and black bendback. Had a few chasers but no takers....and of course, hung up my favorite crease fly on a brush pile across the river.

We made a nice dinner one night consisting of steak on the campfire, shrimp kabobs, and potato salad and of course, the always popular S'mores.

Lacy did something really funny. After she ate, she scratched at the door of the tent, so I let her in. She laid down on the air mattress and went to sleep. It was so funny.

Also, the families with kids all left on Sunday, so we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves Sunday afternoon on.

It was a good trip and great finale for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. Hey Rob just started to follow your blogg buddy very nice! My sister lives in Clearwater and have fished the Hillsborough a few times taking a canoe float trip for some great bass and panifish on the fly!

  2. Looks like a great trip and loved the pictures. I also appreciate your gear bag! I've been thinking of trying out one like that versus my handy dandy ass pack one.
    I wish it was warm enough around here to go camping on Thanksgiving weekend. That would be perfect!

  3. My gear bag is actually a Kelty Kestral. It's fairly large for a fanny pack and can hold 2 32 oz Nalgene bottles and 3 medium sized fly boxes plus leaders, tools and whatever else you might want. When i wade, i usually only take a small chest pack.

    It IS nice to go camping year round here.