Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New fishing licence goes into effect August 1st

From the Tampa Tribune -

TAMPA - Come Aug. 1, there's no more free fishing. Not for most people, anyway.
Florida residents fishing from the shore, bridge, pier or other structure will need to purchase a $7.50 license, unless they already have a regular saltwater fishing license.
The new license covers only Florida anglers fishing from shore. The regular saltwater license covers an angler no matter where in Florida they fish.
While the state has always required non-residents to have a license when fishing from shore, Florida residents could fish for free.
The new shoreline license, which goes on sale July 15, provides all the same exemptions as a regular license, including senior citizen, children, disabled people who meet certain qualifications, active-duty military personnel home on leave and anglers who fish from a commercially licensed pier.
There are a couple of exemptions. Anyone who is a food stamp recipient, on temporary cash assistance or on Medicaid or anglers fishing in their home counties using cane poles or gear that doesn't require mechanical retrieval are exempt.
The Florida Legislature approved the new shoreline license to head off a more expensive federal license that goes into effect in January 2010. The federal license will cost $15-$25.

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