Friday, June 19, 2009

All White Deceiver

One of my favorite flies to tie and use is the always popular all white deceiver.

It a very easy and versatile fly to tie. i use a 1/0 size most of the time but you can always make them larger or smaller. Sometimes while fishing for snook around lighted docks at night, i'll use some "weighted" versions tied with wire on the hook shank to help the fly get down in the deeper water around the docks. For skinny water grass flats, i like to use a small sliver of foam (like on a Location X Floaty Fly) lashed down to the hook shank to make it float just below the surface. Also, your typical, traditional deceiver has painted on eyes. i prefer to use the Mirage Stick On Eyes. i love the way they light up in the water. These patterns tied a bit smaller seem to work best when glass minnows are present. Do what you will to it....this is a classic and one of the best fish catching patterns in history.

Hook - Mustad 3407DT - 1/0 - 4

Tail - White deceiver hackle

Body - White bucktail

Flash - Pearl Krystal Flash (Photo shows red Krystal Flash)

Eyes - Mirage Stick On Dome Eyes

Thread - White Danville 210

Glue - Fletch Tite

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