Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fishing Report 6/13

i parked my car at Sand Key approach, waved at my friend, and noticed the sky lighting with the first rays of the rising sun. i breathed a sigh of relief; i was lucky to be here...not in the sense that we live in such a beautiful place, but literally lucky to be here at 6 am at Sand Key Park. Preparation the previous night consisted of putting together a few leaders, packing my fly box with flies i was going to use, laying out my clothes, getting 2 Nalgenes of water ready, setting up the coffee maker, setting alarm clock, charging camera battery....pretty much everything that would entail thinking at 5 i didn't want to wake Mama since she had to work late the night before. i laid down on the couch after checking to make sure everything was set, started watching the Rays game but soon remembered that Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs was on. Fell asleep but woke up with 1:30 left to play in the 3rd. Pens won 2-1!

Now....for the lucky part....

when i set my alarm for 5, i failed to notice that it was 5 PM. Luckily, i woke up at 5:01 and wondered why the alarm didn't go off. Jumping out of bed and getting dressed, fixing coffee on the way out the door, i made it to Sand Key in 35 minutes.....No driving like a maniac was done.

After my arrival, i rigged up with an all white deceiver....good choice. There was a large amount of bait, glass minnows, mullet and majora in the pass as we worked our way out to the beach.

The tide had just turned as the sun started lighting the sky. Purple and red reflected off the towering cloud tops. There was a light breeze blowing off the water. Surf was a bit churned up. We didn't see any gamefish in the pass nor did we see any in the waves or see any signs of feeding activity.

The rolling surf was playing havoc with my floating fly line. i started casting parallel to the shore line but the fly would end up on the beach before i could get it stripped back in. i started casting straight out and could see my fly in the rolling wave....getting pulled by the tide, causing HUGE amounts of slack. Whiting were trying to attack the fly in the brief glimpses between surges of water but no hook ups. Joggers were running by and there was another lone fly caster up the beach. i switched to a bunny clouser hoping the weight would help keep the fly down a bit but it didn't seem to help matters.

We worked our way back to the east side of the park, along the pass to a sandy , calm grass flat. Still no luck. Scott's wife had phoned him to let him know he had doubled up on his blood pressure meds....he was feeling a bit woozy so he headed home around 9:00. i decided to stay and work the flat for a while. No luck there with the falling tide and dolphins in the area.

Headed home at around 10:00. Was a nice day even though we were fishless....

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