Sunday, June 14, 2009


After going fishless for most of the year, i've started to ask myself why.....



Like the verse in a Killswitch Engage song WHYYYYY!!!!!!!

i'm not going out, uninformed, just casting about with reckless abandon. i spend a lot of time doing research about fish behavior, fish location, fly fishing techniques, i've studied tide charts and solunar tables, gone out with LIVE BAIT (perish the thought), lures of every kind, seasonal hang outs, have even spotted fish and cast to them and seen them bolt, spooked fish, blown them out, lost them due to wind conditions, ect.

It's getting frustrating after fly fishing for almost a year and not getting one fish on a fly....and this includes a 4 day trip to Long Key State Park on one of the best bonefish flats in the state. (even though i got 2 hookups, it doesn't count if they get of before you strip strike them)

Other people catch fish on my flies.....

Look, i'm not an idiot. As i said, i do plenty of research. i'm not one of these guys who just wants to get out there, drinking beer and holding a fishing pole just for's not ALL about catching fish, but it would be nice to land a nice snook or redfish....and no, i don't forget to appreciate the opportunity to breathe in all of the beauty surrounding me when i'm out there.

It's not like i don't get on fish either. i've had plenty of times where i spot fish, make nice casts, and either blow them out or they aren't interested. There's been plenty of times where i didn't see fish either....and they snuck up on me or i spook them.

So what does it take to break out of the slump?

Do i need to put my hat on backwards inside out, move all of the change from my right pocket to my left pocket, and wear my shirt like Kriss Kross?

I wish i knew.....

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