Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn Transition

This is the time of year when football starts, NFL Films music is playing with slow motion images of players running out of the tunnel, You can smell brats cooking on the grill.

What a lot of folks don't know is that with less heat, shorter hours of daylight, and dropping water temperatures, this is also the kick off to one of the best Florida fishing periods of the year. Like people, after the fish have been beat down by bright sun, and water temps in the 90's, they become more active....feeding periods are extended.

This is the "transition" between summer and winter. Fish are more mobile and bait is plentiful. I realize that fish do not feed 24 hours a day however, like people at a football party, even though you might not be hungry in the 4th quarter, we still are apt to eat some of those wings and blue cheese....same thing with fish. They might not be hungry but, seeing a fly or lure moving through the water might cause the fish to eat.

A few good places to look for would be creek mouths on an outgoing tide, inlets, oyster bars and other spots that you might hit during low light times....

I'm currently scouting for a good fall fishing pattern for when the summer spots become unproductive.....


  1. Hello Rob,
    With regards to fish feeding for 24 hours; in Bakewell in Derbyshire the Derbyshire Wye flows right through the town along a popular public footpath and through a public park. Folk come and feed the ducks and the fish all day long with bread and "chips" (English for french fries)! The trout seem to compensate for over doing the carbs by eating flies throughout the night. In summer it is not unknown to come out a couple of hours after midnight, look up the river, the surface of which is illuminated a little by lights from the houses and an Italian restaurant, to see it covered by the rings of rising fish feasting on fallen spinners, sedge flies, duns and other insects. This double helping of food by day and night has led to some of the trout growing to particularly large sizes, well into the teens of pounds!

  2. That's cool!

    I've spent a lot of time over there (had a girlfriend in Notts) and still have a lot of friends in the north.....I've never done any fishing there though.

    If you're ever here on holiday, give me a shout! I should have a few more kayaks and the night trout bite here in the summer is quite a thing to behold....