Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tarpon Killer X 2 - Ego Vs Common Sense

This sickening story came across Twitter today via Skate The Fly blog. Apparently, this guy likes to kill huge adult tarpon and try to get his name in the IGFA.

Anyone who knows the odds of a larvae far out at sea growing into adults like these wouldn't even think about killing one.

Disgusting. You should be ashamed Tom Evans and Capt. Al Dopirak....


  1. wow thats terrible how could you do that to a tarpon

  2. Being safely tucked in Idaho, I don't even know....are tarpon any good to eat? I'm a bit surprised a fly fisherman would do there some sort of club out there in the fly fishing world that I'm unaware of that's into smacking big fish?

  3. No. Tarpon aren't good table fare. The guy wants to get in the IGFA for a world record with a 12 lb tippet. The guide wants to say he has x amount of world records for more business. Per the FWC, a $50.00 tarpon tag is required to harvest. No more than 2 per day. I just haven't seen anyone kill one since the old sepia photo days.