Monday, June 14, 2010

Belleair Causeway

Friday after work, I went to the always popular Belleair Causeway to hit the dead low tide and incoming tide at sundown.

It was a textbook situation; the incoming tide started covering the almost dry grass flats and the redfish were close behind. This was a magical time on the flats. You could see all of the fishy activity in the pot holes and deep edges. I spotted tails waving and saw humps moving and baitfish spraying. At one point, I got out of the yak to chase them on foot and to be able to cast better. All I managed to do was spook them in the fading light with unweighted flies.

Sunday, I met Keith at the same spot at first light. The tide was incoming. There was quite a bit of fishy activity going on around the mangrove edges.

Keith was working an edge and I was on the other side of the channel working the docks when he hooked up with an 18 inch red on a Brown Lures Flappin' Devil...


  1. Great write up, i was out there last week and caught 3 trout at high tide and lost a couple more at the boat

  2. You should hook up with us sometime....