Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BP And The Oil Spill

Far be it from me to have an opinion on the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster. I know that I don't have to show photos and write about how horrible this is and how important the Northern Gulf Region is to the ENTIRE Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. Even if we don't have oil washing up on the shores of the Tampa Bay area, this does affect it on a grand scale.

At the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney with my opinion, am I the only one who, while watching the evening news, is screaming at the TV to "stop trying to save the well!"?? If BP could forget about profits for a few days, chalk this up to an expensive learning experience and CLOSE THE WELL with explosives, then we won't have thousands of gallons of crude drifting about destroying everything....

This is my opinion. I'm not sorry for having it. I'm tired of becoming accustomed to losing everything that I love....

An Andy Rooney Rant....

**UPDATE** This evening the Times website contains models that would suggest that oil could be headed in the direction of Pinellas County. It suggests that there is some quantity of oil in the FL Straits.
After further review and discussion with the CO of the St. Pete Coast Guard Station, the CG concludes that while these models are based on the theoretical movement of oil driven by currents, the present situation is affected by wind direction. Thus, we continue to work under the assumption that any oil in the loop current would stay 80-100 miles off of our coast. That does not rule out the presence of tar balls/patties that could affect our area. In other words, no change from current assumptions for Pinellas County.

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  1. Bad situation with it only getting worse! Not good