Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ken and the great herds of hermit crabs

Yesterday, i had the good fortune of taking Ken Morrow from Upstream ( on his first trip to what is known as the "darkside" which is saltwater flyfishing.

We arrived at Honeymoon Island State Park a few minutes before they opened. i had planned on taking Ken out to fish for snook on the beach however, the wind was right in our face and i'm not talking about a light sea breeze. We tried the beach but couldn't see anything (the water clarity was muddy in the swash channel) so we hiked out to Pelican Bay in hopes of getting out of the wind and finding a nice flat...which we did. A section of the trail leading out to Pelican Bay was closed due to a Bald Eagle nest so we found our way to the flat and saw loads of bait in the water, tied up, and proceeded into the brine. Spooked a few nice snook on the way in, endured a series of snook "drive by's" and blew out several overslot redfish.

The tide came and went. Saw lots of "herds" of hermit crabs that resembled a moving dark brown carpet along the shore, a rosy spoonbill, and the always dreaded Ken casting to a tailing mullet ( i won't least he saw it.)

Was a great day out there and Ken definitely did his homework and knows what he's doing out there.

Can't wait to take Mama.......

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  1. had a great time, rob. i'm going back there tomorrow. taking wilma the warrior princess along w/the camera. i found some additional very cool spots back down in the bay, but i hav to catch them when the tide is right.

    thanks for showing me around and for all the help getting oriented with flies and geography.