Monday, May 11, 2009

Book Review

This was a busy Mothers Day weekend so i didn't get to tie any flies or go fishing.....but i did purchase and read this book cover to cover.

Fly Fisherman's Guide to Saltwater Prey by Aaron J Adams, Ph.D

i'm quite familiar with the author and have read several articles on various websites as well as his own. He was referred to me by Capt. Pat and i have to tell you, i was impressed.....a marine biologist who fly fishes.

What i do have to say is this; the articles i read pale in comparison to this book. Apparently, this book is supposed to be a compliment to his other book "Fisherman's Coast" which i'll need to pick up because i read this one in one sitting.

In the book, Adams covers the prey of most saltwater gamefish....not only what, but where and when (not a whole lot of when....but some) and how much of these prey items are found in predators stomachs, many fly patterns to imitate the prey species, photos of the bait and the flies as well as decent tying instructions and comments about how to fish them. (i mean, when Jack Gartside and Dave Skok are tying flies for your book, and Marshall Cutchin is advising you while you're writing it, sort of puts into perspective how good Aaron Adams is for the sport and demonstrates that he knows what he's talking about).

What most saltwater fly fishermen don't realize is what trout stream fisherman have know for eons.....match the hatch, hatch charts and insect and prey "schedules". This book provides a good portion of the needed information.

The flies selected to represent the prey are quite good and the tying instructions are excellent....

This book is just what i was looking for and is a book that should be within easy reach of every fly caster who plies the salt however, i wish Dr. Adams had included a bit more information about time of year, frequency and location gamefish eat said prey.....but i'm told that information is in Dr. Adams other book, "Fisherman's Coast".

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