Monday, May 4, 2009

Ea Sports NHL 2009 game

i just thought that i'd pimp my favorite new game on PS 2.

Up until i bought a used version of this game, the last one i had played was NHL 2000 by EA sports.....holy crap! Keith Jones and Rick Tocchet were still in the league.....AS PLAYERS! Bill Clement did the play by play along with Daryl Raye. i don't buy myself games very often, but when i do, i certainly get a lot of miles out of them....i play them a long time and why shouldn't i if i like them right?
i'm also still playing Grand Theft Auto III, Medal of Honor 2 and Call to Duty...

I've always been happy with EA Sports games, the attention to detail, great gameplay and constant improvements for the better are what i come to expect from this franchise....and this version of the game doesn't disappoint.

A few years back, they had changed what all of the buttons on the contoller it was like never playing it before. You'd have to learn it all over again in order to play it. Not good! In this edtion, they give you the option of using an even newer button scheme or configuring all of the controls yourself which is a great option for me to be able to play the game. Also, a big thumbs up to the new "Dynasty Mode". No, this isn't a Joan Collins spin-off, it allows you to play a franchise and manage every aspect of day to day operations such as General Manger duties, coach, and various front office duties. You'll also have to keep all of your players happy with the right amount of ice time, make trades, keep everything under the salary cap, adjust practice schedule and so on....

The gameplay is smooth and what is to be expected from an EA Sports platform, you can change lines, adjust strategy, and ask for open ice support from other players all during gameplay.

One thing i don't like is since i have it set on easy mode for now, i can score a lot of goals but also have a lot of goals scored against me.....i'm not crazy about winning games 10-8. Maybe if i bump up the difficulty level , the defense and goaltending might just show

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