Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why i don't like Facebook/Myspace

As i'm sure that you have a Facebook page or are a member of Myspace or some other social networking site, this post might offend you or otherwise put me in a bad light....it's not intended to do that, but i just need to get this off my chest.

i used to have a Myspace page back when the site was new. i was one of the original people on it. It was a good way for me to keep in touch with my friends overseas when i played in a band and to meet cool and unique people that i might not cross paths with in everyday life (Hey, i actually met Mama on Myspace so it can't be that bad right?) At one point, i had hundreds of friends and took the time to look at my friends' pages and leave comments, ect. It was a good tool to promote the band, keep folks updated on band events, recordings, tours, gigs and general goodwill and networking.

But one day, i realized that i hadn't heard from most of the folks on my friends list and that a large number of them didn't respond to comments or messages.....so i deleted all but about 25 of them. After all, how many friends does one really need right? But it was a good place for me to store my photos and i liked to blog there from the get go....i could air my opinions and takes on life, love, liberty and the music industry. But after a while, i didn't really hear from the 25 friends on my list....i wasn't blogging on it so much because people weren't paying attention....i mean, i was posting all of this useful information trying to help people and no one was reading it.....plus the band had gone down the tubes.....so i deleted my page because i wasn't really using it and it was a waste of time to blog on it anymore.....i guess i became old and boring overnight (i know.....BECAME?)

So....some months down the road, i started getting e-mails from a few of my friends overseas to check out Facebook....so i joined Facebook. Didn't really like it as much as Myspace but i figured since Mama was on it and a few of our mutual friends were on it, so i thought it might be a good way to communicate with them and such....However, of the 9 friends that i had on there, very few of them talked to me unless they wanted me to join their Mafia or take a quiz to see where i should be living (none of the questions could really be answered correctly because none of the multiple choice answers would really be the way i would answer).....so i deactivated my account there as well because it wasn't fun to me.....besides, no one really cares if i'm on there or not anyway.....and the people who did try to contact me, i didn't wish to hear from. That's another "attraction" to the social networking sites for some people i guess.....you can just delete someone out of your life when you feel like it.

So i decided to start this blog to write about things that might be rattling around in my little pea brain, things i'm passionate about, helpful ideas, rants and theories, hopes and dreams and the wonderful, positive things the world has to offer. i hope someone reads it and gets something out of it, but i'm not trying to be Mr. Popular among bloggers the world over. i'm sure i'll blog about dark things, stupidity and the negative or controversial. After all,real life isn't just like Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie & Harriet.

....at least i won't be asked to take a quiz or join a group.....and that makes me smile.....

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