Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Greenie Fly

Anyone who fishes the Tampa Bay area knows that threadfin shad (otherwise known as greenbacks) are like having a bucket full of money at a gentleman's club....you'll receive a lot of looks and attention until the bucket runs dry. That's why i decided to make a greenback imitation....because when you run out of greenies, you can run out of the pull on the end of your line.

Materials -

Hook - Owner 5111-131 - 3/0

Eyes - Mirage 3-D dome stick on eyes 5/16"

Body - Slinky fiber - White

Wing - Steve Farrar blend slinky fiber - olive

Misc. Materials - .25 soldering wire

Here is how to make it:

Start by wrapping the hook shank with the soldering wire from the bend in the hook up to about an 8th of an inch. ( you don't need to do this if you aren't having an issue with the fly not sinking)

Tie in small red puff behind hook eye to make the gills.

Turn so hook point is on top. Use a sparse piece of white slinky fiber (less than the diameter of a pencil) and about twice as long as you want the fly to be and lay it along the bottom of the hook leaving the front piece hanging over the eye of the hook and about 2 inches out the back (secure with a few wraps) then lay the part hanging by the eye back and tighten it down with some tight wraps.

Turn the hook over and repeat above step on the top of the hook except this time, use the olive slinky fiber (you don't need flash because the SF blend has it built in).

Whip finish and cement head.

Attach stick on eyes with strong adhesive (i like Zap-a-Gap)

Comb it out and trim as needed.

I haven't caught anything with this yet, but it looks great in the water! Have fun and let me know if you get anything on it.....

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