Monday, April 13, 2009


Some folks know my musical history....some don't. i'm not going down that road today as that's for another longer, more thorough post to describe decades of dedication to music and the joys and pitfalls involved in that business.

Today, i'll be writing about some of the music i'm into these days and where you can find it....well actually, i find most of it on Pandora Radio. You can tune into the station i created at:

Just a few to mention, so that you get the idea.....these artists are sort of a chill out, downtempo, acid jazz sort of thing.

Afterlife - Not to be confused with the Cristian rock band - Afterlife is often featured on compilation CD's like the Buddha Bar series (these are awesome). No one can put a killer mix together with a sexy female vocal like this guy.

Enigma - Do i really need to explain?

Blue Sky, Black Death - A very unique sound. They use hip hop beats, odd female vocals, and strings/classical sections.

Thievery Corporation - These guys have a sort of Reggae meets chillout with a female vocal type of thing happening. They do A LOT of soundtrack music.....even more than Massive Attack so i'm sure you've heard them.

Some songs i like would include;

I'm Going Home - Rex Elias

Let Go - Frou Frou - from the Garden State soundtrack

Angel - Weekend Players

Conmingo - Fous De La Mer

Lazyboy - Facts of Life - Awesome song!

Many folks have never heard of this music let alone the genre....and that's good. i'm sure that in the next 5 years or so, it'll be all the rage and i'll have to like some other obscure, unknown slag that no one has heard of.....but if you'd like, click on my stations profile and view all thumbed up songs to hear small samples....Or just tune into my station.

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