Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Victory At Sea

Wind and large waves have made taking the kayak out a dangerous chore....but there's quite a bit of fishy activity in the area. I started out on Saturday, but decided against launching when I saw how nasty it was.

Yesterday was a different story.

By the time I flew over my spot on one of the bridges, I could see white caps and feel the wind buffeting the Bad Backcast Mobile.

I went out yesterday amid 4 foot waves and 15 knot winds. Paddled out to one of my favorite local flats with an excellent incoming tide. The wind was blowing from the south and the tide was coming in from the north. This confluence of elements made fishing synonymous with a washing machine.

No one told the fish it was too windy and wavy.

I started tossing a DOA Shrimp (of course) but, it kept getting shredded by needle fish. I switched up to a Mirr-o-lure Mirr-o-dine XL, speed reeling it over the drop off, hoping for some Spanish Macks, but it kept getting hammered by 12 inch grouper and black sea bass. I'm pretty sure a few of these were juvie Goliath grouper.

After a few hours of looking for 2 'O clock Charlie, I packed it in....

The dink grouper were fun, though....never did run into any of the Spanish Macks.

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