Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Sad Day

Break out the Kleenex! This is truly the end of an era.....

I was recently informed that Plueger Has stopped making the Purist line of fly rods....


So much for being Mr. Current Events.

Due to my propensity to break fly rods with aplomb, the Purist line was one of the best fly rod deals for me.....$37.00 for a quality 8 weight delivered to my doorstep from W-flies....plus I really like the way that they perform.... where will I find an affordable replacement the next time my backcast snags a mangrove branch and I shatter my last Purist into a million pieces?

At least Pflueger hasn't stopped making the Trion line of fly reels yet. I use a 1978 and 1912 respectively and am happy to report that these are virtually bullet proof with solid construction and smooth drag that won't burn up with a fast tarpon or bonefish. I'm really surprised that more saltwater guys don't use these fine reels.

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