Friday, July 2, 2010

Inane Randomness

Wow! A four day weekend! What will I ever do?

Today, I'll be doing the domestic chores, cleaning, laundry, napping...

Saturday, I'll be out at the always popular Crystal Beach with the yak, chasing redfish on a falling tide first thing in the morning. The shrimp flies and gurglers are stocked in the permitting of course. It's been rainy and stormy for about a week now.

The Friday Pin-up on Moldy Chum is quite impressive. Looks like someone I know!

Not sure where I'm watching fireworks this year. I wanted to launch the yak in Clearwater Harbor or Belleair and view them from there but, as you could probably imagine the amount of boat traffic and drunk idiots on the water at that time....

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