Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Camping trip and fall gorge fest

Ok folks!

After much editing of the blog and an exceptional absence, I'm proud to announce an upcoming camping trip the first weekend in November that will get this blog rocking again. Even though it's only out to Hillsborough River State Park (to which I've been countless times), the chance to get out into the woods and build campfires and possibly fish the river for bass is almost too much for me to contain! I'm hoping to get the camera sorted before then as to have some new images to add.

I'm also itching to get out on the flats because the fall gorge fest that the reds and snook take part in before winter. As soon as the water temp drops, I'm hoping to hit a few ambush points along the mangroves with some new flies I've tied....the small pinfish imitations and toad fish look alikes should work fine.

Got a new Pflueger 12 weight reel from wflies a while back and never got to try it out before the end of tarpon season. It's very well built and I'll be pairing it with a Wild Waters 12 weight rod. These are really nicely made 4 piece 9 foot rods. Google them and see what you're missing out on.

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