Saturday, July 4, 2009

Win My Fly Box

......well.....not really MY fly box......but one just like it.....and yes, it will be stuffed full of saltwater flies tied by yours truly. Deceivers, DT Specials, beadchain eye clousers, bonefish flies, tarpon flies, Greenie flies, majoras and a Bill Jackson's foam lined fly box adorned with your choice of a snook, redfish, bonefish or tarpon could be yours!

All you'll have to do is write a comment on this post advising me how to get off the snide. Much like a hockey player going through a goalless stretch, a baseball player who can't buy a hit, or a golfer who can't seem to find the fairway, i need to know from you the best "slumpbusting" techniques to employ to get out of my fishless streak. And eating sushi before you go doesn't work. All that got me yesterday was a redfish that couldn't seem to get a mouth on my crease fly if i fed it to him. Leave a way to contact you so i can send it to the winner.

So on the count of 3, start writing.....

Ready!? 1......2.......3!


  1. Everything in fly fishing is a mind set determined by three key ingredients: Determination, Confidence, and Opportunity. To put it into perspective - I fish for Musky. The old saying that they are the fish of a thousand casts gets magnified by an order of ten when using a fly rod. You can go weeks with out a strike, often mixed with repeated frustrating follows. It is not a high percentage game even when youre doing everything correctly, and repeated doses of failure can make you doubt every single thing you do from fly selection to the water your fishing to the brand of rod youre fishing.
    You have to believe you tied the right fly on and that the fish are there. You have to be ready to make "one more cast" and be on the water as much as possible. Never pass up an opportunity.

  2. True....but all of the time i spend on the water (1-3 times a week) at the appropriate times should translate into fish from time to time.....

  3. set your mind on catching one kind of species then youll catch loads of everything else ,

    seriously i go through the same thing from time to time what i do is id put a fly on i have a lot of faith in and stick with that fly all day youll catch fish sooner or later .

    but enjoy being out there doing it if it was easy everbody would be doing it thats why its called fishing and not catching ...youll be back on track soon have faith in that fly buddy...tight lines

  4. I am not one of these guys who advises “You don’t really just go fishing to catch fish” as I think that is a load of bollocks however embrace this time to have a think about fish – in other words STOP thinking about catching fish - if you are going through a rough patch then it is time to think things through - when you get to the water observe, look and think - spend time looking for fish - spend time looking at fish behaviour - if you see another angler spend time watching them to see how they go about fishing- if they mess it up you will know what not to do next time.

    During this time I am not saying stop fishing – just make sure every cast counts so that you are sure that the vast you make is gonna count – nothing is more demoralising than casting, casting and casting every day and not even getting a tug – make every cast count and have a purpose – if it does not then when that fish of a lifetime comes along you may be thinking of something else 

    Alistair (

  5. If youre getting time on the water and not producing then youre doing something wrong and repeating that said thing over and over. I wrote a blog about letting habit get in the way of common sense. This may apply.

    Go over your gear. Go over the conditions you are fishing in. Then go over the locations you are looking for fish. Try to ask yourself the why questions of what is not working and see if you can change it up based on that.

    Of course there is always the chance you are just hitting a run of bad luck.